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Landowner Information

One of the primary objectives for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program is to protect, restore where appropriate, and maintain at least 10,000 acres of habitat in the central Platte River area between Lexington and Chapman. This area of interest generally includes lands on and within three miles on either side of the Platte River. The Program can achieve this goal through a number of methods, including purchasing land outright, as well as through easements or leases.

Once an interest is acquired in a property, the Program may undertake restoration activities to make the land suitable habitat for the endangered whooping crane, least tern, or threatened piping plover. These activities typically include clearing and maintaining in-channel islands and sandbars free of vegetation, and/or clearing tall woody vegetation away from river banks to maintain wide open channel areas.

If you have land that you are interested in selling or leasing to the Program, please complete the contact form linked below.

Landowner Contact Form