PRRIP 2015 - 2016 Biennial Report.pdfPRRIP 2015 - 2016 Biennial Report6/1/20174655 KB
PRRIP 2013 2014 Biennial Report.pdfPRRIP 2013 2014 Biennial Report6/1/20153168 KB
PRRIP 2015_WAP Update for 2014.pdf2014 Water Action Plan Project Update: Active, Future & Inactive WAP Projects5/22/20157097 KB
PRRIP 2014_State of the Platte Report for 2013.pdfPRRIP 2013 State of the Platte Report2/25/20143368 KB
PRRIP 2011 and 2012 Biennial Report.pdfPRRIP 2011 and 2012 Biennial Report4/1/201310654 KB
USFWS Memo 2011_Bi-annual Report for 2009-10 and Tamarack Project.pdfUSFWS Memo: Comments on PRRIP Bi-annual Report for 2009-20109/12/2011823 KB
PRRIP 2011_BiAnnual Report 2009-2010.pdfPRRIP BiAnnual Report 2009-20106/14/201120722 KB
ISAC 2011_2011 Report on PRRIP.pdf2011 ISAC Report on PRRIP 5/29/2011519 KB
PRRIP 2009_Accomplishments Report 2007-2008.pdfPlatte River Recovery Implementation Program Accomplishments Report 2007 & 20081/1/20093192 KB
PRRIP 2006_Full Program Document_Final.pdfFinal Platte River Recovery Implementation Program - Full Document with Appendices10/24/200611289 KB
PRRIP 2006_Attachment 3_AMP.pdfPRRIP Document Attachment 3 - Adaptive Management Plan10/24/20062934 KB
PRRIP 2006_CO Plan for Future Depletions_Attach 5_Sect 9.pdfPRRIP Document Attachment 5 - Water Plan - Section 9 - Colorado's Plan for Future Depletions10/24/2006134 KB
PRRIP 2006_Cooperative Agreement Final.pdfPRRIP Cooperative Agreement (FINAL)  10/24/200685 KB
PRRIP 2006_PRRIP Cooperative Agreement.pdfPlatte River Recovery Implementation Program Cooperative Agreement10/24/200685 KB
DOI 2006_Record of Decision PRRIP FEIS.pdfRecord of Decision - Platte River Recovery Implementation Program FEIS9/27/2006260 KB
PRRIP 2006_Attachment 5_Water Plan.pdfPRRIP Document Attachment 5 - Water Plan8/8/20065193 KB
PRRIP 2006_Biological Opinion Appendix C.pdfBiological Opinion Appendix C - Water Related Activities that Have Undergone Section 7 Consultation and are Dependent on the Program as an RPA6/16/2006272 KB
PRRIP 2006_Biological Opinion Appendix E.pdfBiological Opinion Appendix E - Whooping Crane Observation Data on the Central Platte River Valley6/16/20061424 KB
PRRIP 2006_Biological Opinion Appendix F.pdfBiological Opinion Appendix F - Rangewide Least Tern and Piping Plover Data6/16/2006473 KB
PRRIP 2006_Biological Opinion Appendix G.pdfBiological Opinion Appendix G - Least Tern and  Piping Plover Observation and Nest Records in Nebraska6/16/2006295 KB
USFWS 2006_PRRIP Biological Opinion.pdfBiological Opinion on the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program6/16/20065135 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - Land and GIS Appendix.pdfGIS Land Appendix: Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement Technnical Appendix6/1/20061065 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - Pallid Sturgeon Appendix.pdfPallid Sturgeon Technical Appendix6/1/2006179 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - Piping Plover and Interior Least Terns Appendix.pdfPiping Plovers and Interior Least Terns Technical Appendix6/1/2006167 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - Regional Economics Appendix.pdfRegional Economics Technical Appendix6/1/2006142 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - Sandhill Cranes Appendix.pdfSandhill Crane Appendix FEIS - Spring Habitat Use in Nebraska6/1/2006392 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Vol 3 - WC Appendix.pdfWhooping Crane Technical Appendix6/1/200662 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Volume 3 -Recreation Appendix.pdfRecreation Appendix6/1/200645 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Summary.pdfPlatte River Recovery Implmentation Program Final Environmental Impact Statement Summary4/1/20062715 KB
PRRIP 2006_FEIS Volume 1.pdfPRRIP Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 14/1/200618113 KB
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