FINAL 2016 PRRIP Tern and Plover SDM Report.pdfFINAL 2016 PRRIP Tern and Plover SDM Report9/19/20163601 KB
FINAL PRRIP 2014 State of the Platte Report.pdfFINAL PRRIP 2014 State of the Platte Report9/1/20154169 KB
PRRIP 2014_Sediment Augmentation Final Pilot Study Report.pdfPRRIP Sediment Augmentation Final Pilot Study Report4/1/201425625 KB
PRRIP 2014_State of of Platte Report from 2013.pdfPRRIP 2013 State of the Platte Report FINAL3/4/20143330 KB
PRRIP 2012_AMP State of the Platte Report.pdfAdaptive Management Plan (AMP) 2012 “State of the Platte” Report – Executive Summary10/31/20122623 KB
PRRIP 2012_AMP Broad Hypotheses.pdfPRRIP AMP Broad Hypotheses8/27/2012169 KB
PRRIP 2012_Stage Change Study_Final.pdfLower Platte River Stage Change Study Final Protocol Implementation Report (FINAL)7/16/201232600 KB
PRRIP 2012_State of the Platte Report_Final.pdfPRRIP 2012 State of the Platte Report (FINAL)5/22/201210055 KB
PRRIP 2011_LiDAR and Aerial Photography Specifications.pdfAnnual LiDAR and Aerial Photography Technical Specifications9/14/2011511 KB
HDR Eng 2011_1D Sediment Model (Final).pdf1D Hydraulic Sediment Transport Model Final Report3/4/201118877 KB
PRRIP 2010_PRRIP Response to 2009 ISAC Findings.pdfResponse to Findings in the Final 2009 Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) Report to the Governance Committee2/23/2010331 KB
ISAC 2009_2009 ISAC Report on PRRIP.pdfIndependant Science Advisory Committee 2009 Report on the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program9/10/20091804 KB
PRRIP 2008_2009-2013 AMP Science Plan.pdfStrategic Science Plan for Adaptive Management Plan Implementation, 2009-201312/30/2008375 KB
PRRIP 2008_Structured Decision Making Workshop_Draft.pdfPRRIP Structured Decision Making Workshop Final Report9/24/2008311 KB
PRRIP 2006_AMP FSM and MCM Management Actions.pdfPRRIP AMP FSM and MCM Management Actions10/24/2006179 KB
PRRIP 2012_AMP Priority Hypotheses List.pdfPRRIP AMP Priority Hypotheses List10/24/2006183 KB