PRRIP 2015_Colorado Depletions Plan Updated 12-1-2015.pdfColorado Depletions Plan Updated December 1 201512/1/2015108 KB
PRRIP 2014_Phelps County Canal Recharge Report for 2013-2014.pdfNebraska Groundwater Recharge: 2013-2014 Phelps County Canal Recharge Report5/19/201412602 KB
PRRIP 2014_Pathfinder Recommended Score Analysis Memo.pdfPathfinder Municipal Account Recommended Score and Scoring Analysis Memo3/17/20141967 KB
CNPPID 2014_Groundwater Evaluation Report SC NE_Final.pdfGroundwater Evaluation Report South Central Nebraska(FINAL)1/31/201415930 KB
CWI 2013_Report to CO Legislature HB12‐1278 Study of Alluvial Aquifer.pdfReport to the Colorado Legislature HB12‐1278 Study of the South Platte River Alluvial Aquifer12/31/201316132 KB
PRRIP 2013_Phelps Recharge Score Analysis Memo_Final.pdfPhelps Recharge Score Analysis Memo - FINAL11/27/20134407 KB
PRRIP 2013_ Water Quality Monitoring Baseline Date Summary Report 2009, 2010, and 2011.pdfPRRIP Platte River Water Quality Monitoring 2009, 2010, and 2011 Monitoring Seasons-Baseline Summary Report10/22/20135370 KB
PRRIP 2013_Water Quality_2012 Data Summary Report_FINAL.pdfPRRIP Platte River Water Quality Monitoring 2012 Monitoring Season-Annual Data Summary Report9/16/201334772 KB
PRRIP 2013_Water Quality 2012 Data for Kearney Canal_Final.pdfKearney Canal Water Quality 2012 Monitoring Season_Annual Data Summary Report9/16/201318755 KB
PRRIP 2013_Phelps County Canal Recharge Report.pdfNebraska Groundwater Recharge: 2012-2013 Phelps County Canal Recharge Report6/17/20139302 KB
PRRIP 2013_J-2 Conceptual Design Report.pdfConceptual Design Report J-2 Regulating Reservoir Project4/11/201373621 KB
PRRIP 2013_J-2 Concept Comparison Memo.pdfRJH Memo: Draft J-2 Regulating Reservoir-Concept Comparison Memo4/11/201351 KB
PRRIP 2013_Annual Surface Water Flow DRAFT.pdf2013 Annual Surface Water Flow Summary Draft4/3/20134047 KB
PRRIP 2012_Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases.pdfPlatte River Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases9/10/20121586 KB
PRRIP 2012_Pilot-Scale Recharge Report_FINAL.pdfPRRIP Pilot-Scale Recharge Project - (FINAL)7/6/201242423 KB
PRRIP 2012_CNPPID J2 Feasibility.pdfCNPPID J2 Regulating Reservoir Feasibility Report (FINAL)5/1/201248820 KB
PRRIP 2012_J-2 Regulating Reservoir Score Analysis (DRAFT).pdfJ-2 Regulating Reservoir Score Analysis Overview (DRAFT)1/11/2012253 KB
Henz 2012_Predictive Value of Hydroclimate Indices.pdfOn the Predictive Value of Hydroclimate Indices1/5/20121682 KB
PRRIP 2012_Water Quality 2010 Data Summary_Final.pdfAnnual Data Summary Report Water Quality Monitoring 2010 Season (FINAL)1/3/20128191 KB
HDR Eng. and Tetra Tech 2011_1-D Hydraulic Model Tech Memo.pdf1-D Hydraulic Model Draft Hydraulic Modeling Technical Memorandum11/18/20113191 KB
PRRIP 2011_Hydrologic Condition Annual and Periodic Designations.pdfHydrologic Condition Annual and Periodic Designations (DRAFT)11/1/20111661 KB
PRRIP 2011_Water Quality Monitoring Protocol.pdfPRRIP Water Quality Monitoring Protocol4/28/20111160 KB
PRRIP 2011_Kearney Canal Monitoring Protocol.pdfKearney Canal Water Quality Monitoring Protocol4/15/2011309 KB
NWS NPR 2011_chokepoint presentation.pdfNational Weather Service presentation on N Platte River choke point WAC Feb 20112/1/20112257 KB
PRRIP 2010_Groundwater Recharge Pre-Feas Study_Final.pdfNebraska Ground Water Recharge Pre-Feasibility Study (FINAL)8/31/20105850 KB
PRRIP 2010_Water Quality_2009 Data Summary Report_FINAL.pdfPRRIP Platte River Water Quality 2009 Monitoring Season Annual Data Summary Report8/1/20103192 KB
PRRIP 2010_ 2009 WAC Update.pdf2009 PRRIP Water Action Plan Update2/23/2010540 KB
PRRIP 2010_Elwood and J-2 Alternatives Analysis.pdfPRRIP CNPPID Reregulating Reservoir Elwood and J-2 Alternatives Analysis Project Report2/1/201060287 KB
PRRIP 2009_2009 Platte River Flow Routing Test.pdf2009 Platte River Flow Routing Test: Results, Information Gleaned, Lessons Learned11/23/20094290 KB
PRRIP 2009_Report for May 2008 High Flow Even.pdfData Analysis and Summary Report for May 2008 Natural High Flow Event1/27/20097524 KB
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