Tetra Tech 2014_ Final 2013 Data Analysis Report.pdfChannel Geomorphology and In-Channel Vegetation 2013 Final Data Analysis Report8/1/201411849 KB
Ayers and Associates 2012.PDFYEAR 3 (2011) FINAL REPORT Channel Geomorphology and In-Channel Vegetation Monitoring of the Central Platte River4/1/20123157 KB
PRRIP 2011_Cottonwood Flow Consolidation Feasibility.pdfFlow Consolidation at Cottonwood Ranch Platte River, NE Feasibility Study Report8/10/201124272 KB
PRRIP 2011_2010 Geomorphology Vegetation Monitoring Report.pdfYear 2 (2010) Geomorphology and In-Channel Vegetation Monitoring of the Central Platte River3/29/20112682 KB
PRRIP 2010_Channel geomorphology and Veg Monitoring Protocol (FINAL).pdfMonitoring the channel geomorphology and in-channel vegetation of the central Platte River4/23/2010168 KB
PRRIP 2010_Sed Aug Feasibility Study Report (Final).pdfPlatte River from the Lexinton to Odessa Bridges Sediment Augmentation Experiment Alternatives Screening Study Summary Report2/24/20107564 KB
PRRIP 2010_Year 1 (2009) Report on Geomorphology and Vegetation Monitoring.pdfYear 1 (2009) Report Channel Geomorphology and In-Channel Vegetation Monitoring of the Central Platte River2/1/20102094 KB
USBR 2006_Platte River Sed-Veg Model Report.pdfPlatte River Sediment Transport and Riparian Vegetation Model3/1/20069776 KB
USBR 2006_Trends of Aggradation and Degradation.pdfTrends of Aggradation and Degradation Along the Central Platte River 2/1/2006108351 KB
USBR 2004_Platte River Channel_History and Restoration.pdfThe Platte River Channel: History and Restoration4/1/200423470 KB
USBR 2003_Platte River Flow and Sediment Transport Between NP and GI.pdfPlatte River Flow and Sediment Transport Between North Platte and Grand Island, Nebraska (1895 - 1999)10/2/2003683 KB
Daraio et al 2003_Reply to Parson's Report.pdfReply to Parsons’ Report “Investigations of the Platte River Channel Dynamics and Comparison with Foundational Assumptions and Hypothesis of the EIS Team’s ‘White Paper’”7/31/2003265 KB
Parsons 2003_Platte River Channel Dynamics Investigation.pdfPlatte River Channel Dynamics Investigation5/1/20037419 KB
Simons and Associates 2000_Physical History of the Platte in NE.pdfPhysical History of the Platte River in Nebraska: Focusing Upon Flow, Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, and Vegetation8/11/200021628 KB
Simons and Associates 2012.pdfAnalysis of Platte River Channel Geometry Data Physical Relationships: Hydraulics & Sediment Transport2377 KB