August and September 2018

Hydrologic condition
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The mean July Palmer Drought Severity Index for two climate stations in Nebraska (NCDC Nebraska Divisions 5 and 8) was 1.32 equivalent to 45.3% of the 1947-1994 July conditions.

The July end-of-month content in Lake McConaughy as a percent of total capacity was 83.1%, equivalent to the 44.5% level of July end-of-month content over the 1947-1994 period.

Hydrologic Conditions Calculation
Hydrologic Conditions Calculation: (0.464 * 0.453) + (0.404 * 0.445) + 0.061=0.451
Hydrologic Conditions Index

For this period, the threshold index value is 0.29 for "normal" conditions. The current index value is greater than this and constitutes "NORMAL" conditions.
Note that for the August-September period, there are only "dry" and "normal" designations because "wet" targets are the same as "normal" targets for this period.