2023 PRRIP Science Plan Reporting Session

February 14-16, 2023 @ Omaha Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District - Omaha, NE
Full day on February 14
Full day on February 15
Half day (until 12:00 PM Central Time) on February 16
* All GC, TAC, and other PRRIP parties encouraged to attend all days

All interested parties (e.g., scientists; public officials; university students, faculty, staff; consultants; contractors; members of the public) are invited to attend this annual meeting.

The purposes of the Science Plan Reporting Session include:

  • To report on and discuss rapid learning from implementation in 2022, including monitoring results and early results from ongoing research.
  • To evaluate progress in assessing Big Questions and other key questions contained in the PRRIP Extension Science Plan.
  • To engage with the Program’s Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) on critical questions related to science and adaptive management.
  • To engage in discussion with members of the Program’s Governance Committee (GC), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and other Program participants.
  • To share comments, questions, and feedback on the implementation of science and consider how best to answer critical scientific and technical questions and develop scientific information that can be considered by the in Program decision making.

All interested parties are welcome to sit in on any or all discussions, the Science Plan Reporting Session is open to the public. Food and beverages will be provided throughout each day of the Session.

To help plan accordingly, please contact Dr. Chadwin Smith of the Executive Director’s Office ( ) at smithc@headwaterscorp.com to register your participation and to request any relevant Reporting Session documents.

The meeting agenda will be available here on PlatteRiverProgram.org in mid-January 2023.

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