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2016 August GC Minutes 2016 August GC Minutes.pdf683.1 KB
2016 Pallid sturgeon reference documents 2016 Pallid sturgeon reference documents.pdf44.77 MB
2016 May LAC Minutes 2016 May LAC Minutes.pdf203.16 KB
2016 May WAC Minutes 2016 May WAC Minutes.pdf65.64 KB
FINAL 2016 PRRIP Tern and Plover SDM Report FINAL 2016 PRRIP Tern and Plover SDM Report.pdf3.52 MB
Remote Tracking of Aransas-Wood Buffalo Whooping Cranes 2015 -2016 Project Update Whooping Crane Tracking Partnership 2015-2016 Update.pdf808.19 KB
PRRIP Procurement Policy PRRIP 2016 Procurement Policy.pdf385.87 KB
PRRIP June 7-8 2016 GC Meeting Packet PRRIP June 7-8 2016 GC Meeting Packet.pdf10.59 MB
2016 March GC Minutes 2016 March GC Minutes.pdf699.79 KB
2016 February LAC Minutes 2016 February LAC Minutes.pdf20.82 KB
2016 February WAC Minutes 2016 February WAC Minutes.pdf56.84 KB
2016 February TAC Meeting Minutes 2016 February TAC Meeting Minutes.pdf395 KB
2015 December GC Minutes 2015 December GC Minutes.pdf651.18 KB
WY_2015_Annual Report_20160301 WY_2015_Annual Report_20160301.pdf140.06 KB
2015 November LAC Minutes 2015 November LAC Minutes.pdf134.23 KB
USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(1)_20160222 USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(1)_20160222.pdf160.09 KB
USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(2)_20160222 USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(2)_20160222.pdf24.71 KB
USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(3)_20160222 USFWS_2015_AnnualReport(3)_20160222.pdf140.3 KB
Implementation of the Whooping Crane Monitoring Protocol - Fall and Winter 2015 PRRIP 2016_Fall and Winter 2015 WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf1.67 MB
PRRIP 2015 Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report PRRIP 2016_Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report for 2015.pdf3.19 MB