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Title Document(s) Publication Date
PRRIP 2011 Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report PRRIP 2011 Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report.pdf4.5 MB
Status of the Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover in Nebraska (Period of Record Through 1986) EA 1988_Status of LT and PP in NE.pdf6.82 MB
Analysis of Platte River Channel Geometry Data Physical Relationships: Hydraulics & Sediment Transport Simons and Associates 2012.pdf2.32 MB
CNPPID Regulating Reservoir Elwood and J-2 Alternatives Analysis Project Report PRRIP_Regulating Reservoir and J-2 Project.pdf58.87 MB
Whooping Crane Roosting Habitat Simulation Model for the Platte River in Nebraska Platte River Joint Study Group 1990_WC Roosting Habitat Simulation Model.pdf1.17 MB
Platte River Management Joint Study Biology Workgroup Final Report USFWS 1990_Platte River Joint Study Biology Workgroup Report.pdf5.58 MB
Interior Population of the Least Tern (Sterna Antillarum) Recovery Plan USFWS 1990_Least Tern Recovery Plan.pdf7.45 MB
Pallid Sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus) Recovery Plan USFWS 1993_Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Plan.pdf9.65 MB
Platte River Water Conservation/Supply Reconnaissance Study PRRIP 1999_Platte River Water Conservation Study.pdf77.87 MB
The Feasibility of Operational Cloud Seeding in the North Platte River Basin Headwaters to Increase Mountain Snowfall USBR 2000_Feasibility of Cloud Seeding.pdf13.97 MB
Estimating Additional Water Yield from Changes in Management of National Forests in the North Platte Basin Troendle and Nankervis 2000_Estimating Additional Water Yield in North Platte Basin.pdf5.39 MB
Existing Water Quality Conditions in the Platte River USBR 2000_Water Quality Conditions in the Platte.pdf692.7 KB
Identification and Evaluation of Potential Third Party Impacts Related to the Habitat Component of the Proposed Platte River Recovery Implementation Plan USBR 2000_Potential Third Party Impacts of Program.pdf16.14 MB
Habitat Management Methods for Least Terns, Piping Plovers, and Whooping Cranes PRRIP 2000_Habitat Management Methods for LT PP and WC.pdf620.41 KB
Physical History of the Platte River in Nebraska: Focusing Upon Flow, Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, and Vegetation Simons and Associates 2000_Physical History of the Platte in NE.pdf21.12 MB
Reconnaissance-Level Water Action Plan PRRIP 2000_Reconnaissance-Level WAP.pdf740.23 KB
Central Platte River 1998 Land Cover/Use Mapping Project Nebraska USBR 2000_Central Platte River 1998 Land Cover Mapping Project.pdf11.3 MB
Implementation of the Whooping Crane Monitoring Protocol – Spring 2001 Field Notes PRRIP 2001_Spring 2001 Field Notes_WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf15.31 MB
Vegetation Classification Of The Central Platte River 1998 Land Cover/Use Mapping Project USBR 2001_Veg Classification of the 1998 Land Cover-Use Mapping Project.pdf7.31 MB
Ground Water and River Flow Analyses Appendicies DOI 2011_Ground Water and River Flow Analyses Appendicies.pdf21.82 MB