Adaptive Management

Final Sediment Augmentation Pilot Study Report

A Sediment Augmentation Experiment Alternatives Screening Study (Screening Study) was conducted to evaluate alternatives to reduce the approximately 150,000-ton/year average annual sediment deficit in the Platte River reach between Lexington and Odessa, Nebraska. The Screening Study recommended that a Pilot Study be conducted to evaluate the means and methods of sediment augmentation as a way to reduce uncertainties associated with full-scale implementation.

System-Scale Geomorphology and Vegetation Monitoring Report 2017-2020

This report documents the first implementation of the PRRIP System-Scale Geomorphology and Vegetation Monitoring effort utilizing remote sensing methods. The goal of the project is to track long-term trends in morphology and in-channel vegetation in the Associated Habitat Reach (AHR) of the Central Platte River, with a focus on changes that may affect habitat for the PRRIP target species.