Program document library

Title Document(s) Publication Date
RJH Memo: Draft J-2 Regulating Reservoir-Concept Comparison Memo PRRIP 2013_J-2 Concept Comparison Memo.pdf50.65 KB
Conceptual Design Report J-2 Regulating Reservoir Project PRRIP 2013_J-2 Conceptual Design Report.pdf71.9 MB
2013 Annual Surface Water Flow Summary Draft PRRIP 2013_Annual Surface Water Flow DRAFT.pdf3.95 MB
Remote Tracking of Aransas-Wood Buffalo Whooping Cranes 2012 Breeding Season and Fall Migration Update USGS 2013- 2012 Breeding Season and Fall Migration Update.pdf650.36 KB
Directed Vegetation Research: Lateral Bar Erosion Study Bankhead 2012_PRRIP Directed Vegetation Research_Lateral Bar Erosion_Draft.pdf1.36 MB
2012 ISAC Memo on Target Flows 2012 ISAC Memo on Target Flows.pdf1.87 MB
Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) 2012 “State of the Platte” Report – Executive Summary PRRIP 2012_AMP State of the Platte Report.pdf2.56 MB
Implementation of the whooping crane monitoring protocol – Spring 2012 PRRIP 2012_Spring 2012 WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf1.8 MB
2012 ISAC Comments on PRRIP State of the Platte Report Executive Summary 2012 ISAC Comments on PRRIP State of the Platte Report Executive Summary.pdf50.74 KB
PRRIP 2012 Forage Fish Analysis Report PRRIP 2012_Forage Fish Analysis Report.pdf799.34 KB
Implementation of the Whooping Crane Monitoring Protocol – Winter 2012 PRRIP 2012_Winter 2012 WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf889.38 KB
Platte River Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases PRRIP 2012_Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases.pdf1.55 MB
PRRIP AMP Broad Hypotheses PRRIP 2012_AMP Broad Hypotheses.pdf168.44 KB
Forage Fish Abundance and the Influence of River Flow– Management Implications for the Endangered Least Tern Smith 2012_ Forage Fish Abundance Influence on Least Terns.pdf271.17 KB
Foraging Ecology of Least Terns and Piping Plovers Nesting on Central Platte River Sandpits and Sandbars USGS 2012_Foraging Habits of LTPP Report_Final.pdf6.56 MB
PRRIP 2011 Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report PRRIP 2011_LTPP Monitoring and Research Report.pdf4.5 MB
PRRIP Whooping Crane Minimum Habitat Criteria (DRAFT) PRRIP 2012_WC Min Habitat Criteria_DRAFT.pdf238.34 KB
Sediment Augmentation Pilot Scale Management Action 06 - FINAL PRRIP Sediment Augmentation PSMA Tech Memo and Monitoring Plan_0.pdf2.6 MB
PRRIP Tern and Plover Minimum Habitat Criteria (DRAFT) PRRIP 2012_LTPP Min Habitat Criteria_Draft.pdf561.88 KB
Lower Platte River Stage Change Study Final Protocol Implementation Report (FINAL) PRRIP 2012_Stage Change Study_Final.pdf31.84 MB