Program document library

Title Document(s) Publication Date
2013 Annual Surface Water Flow Summary Draft PRRIP 2013_Annual Surface Water Flow DRAFT.pdf3.95 MB
Remote Tracking of Aransas-Wood Buffalo Whooping Cranes 2012 Breeding Season and Fall Migration Update USGS 2013- 2012 Breeding Season and Fall Migration Update.pdf650.36 KB
Directed Vegetation Research: Lateral Bar Erosion Study Bankhead 2012_PRRIP Directed Vegetation Research_Lateral Bar Erosion_Draft.pdf1.36 MB
Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) 2012 “State of the Platte” Report – Executive Summary PRRIP 2012_AMP State of the Platte Report.pdf2.56 MB
Implementation of the whooping crane monitoring protocol – Spring 2012 PRRIP 2012_Spring 2012 WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf1.8 MB
PRRIP 2012 Forage Fish Analysis Report PRRIP 2012_Forage Fish Analysis Report.pdf799.34 KB
Platte River Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases PRRIP 2012_Wet Meadow Geohydrology and Management Through Flow Releases.pdf1.55 MB
Implementation of the Whooping Crane Monitoring Protocol – Winter 2012 PRRIP 2012_Winter 2012 WC Monitoring Protocol Implementation.pdf889.38 KB
PRRIP AMP Broad Hypotheses PRRIP 2012_AMP Broad Hypotheses.pdf168.44 KB
Forage Fish Abundance and the Influence of River Flow– Management Implications for the Endangered Least Tern Smith 2012_ Forage Fish Abundance Influence on Least Terns.pdf271.17 KB
Foraging Ecology of Least Terns and Piping Plovers Nesting on Central Platte River Sandpits and Sandbars USGS 2012_Foraging Habits of LTPP Report_Final.pdf6.56 MB
PRRIP 2011 Tern and Plover Monitoring and Research Report PRRIP 2011_LTPP Monitoring and Research Report.pdf4.5 MB
PRRIP Whooping Crane Minimum Habitat Criteria (DRAFT) PRRIP 2012_WC Min Habitat Criteria_DRAFT.pdf238.34 KB
PRRIP Tern and Plover Minimum Habitat Criteria (DRAFT) PRRIP 2012_LTPP Min Habitat Criteria_Draft.pdf561.88 KB
Lower Platte River Stage Change Study Final Protocol Implementation Report (FINAL) PRRIP 2012_Stage Change Study_Final.pdf31.84 MB
Remote Tracking of Aransas-Wood Buffalo Whooping Cranes 2011 Winter Season and 2012 Spring Migration Update USGS 2012- WC 2011 Winter and 2012 Spring Migration Season Update.pdf488.66 KB
The Potential of Collaborative Governance: The Platte River Recovery Implementation Program WFI 2012_Final Report Year One.pdf7.05 MB
PRRIP 2012 State of the Platte Report (FINAL) PRRIP 2012_State of the Platte Report_Final.pdf9.82 MB
CNPPID J2 Regulating Reservoir Feasibility Report (FINAL) PRRIP 2012_CNPPID J2 Feasibility.pdf47.68 MB
Fish Population Studies 2011 Jenniges and Peyton 2011_Fish Population Studies 2011.pdf563 KB